What Is Scandi Hair?

Scandi Blondes At Melanie Richard's Hair & Beauty Salon In Peterborough

Taking the social media world by storm is the Scandinavian Hairline Trend.

This latest trend for Nordic inspired highlights involves colouring the fine baby hairs around the front hairline. This service is often carried out at the backwash just before your colour service is rinsed out and seamlessly blends into the rest of your hair for a truly flattering look. The hairs are gently brushed forward onto the forehead using a fine comb that allows your stylist to pick up only the softest hairs before applying colour (often bleach) directly to the hairline. The results are beautiful and give the appearance of a lighter, brighter blonde. 

This look works especially well with highlights, balayage and a statement money piece but it can be added to brighten a natural brunette or red head. Touch ups are recommended every 10-12 weeks alongside Aveda shine treatments and toners to eliminate any unwanted brassy tones. 

Please note: We are a colour responsible salon. A skin sensitivity test must be carried out at least 48 hours before any colour that will touch the scalp to protect you from a reaction to the colour. It can not be done more than 5 days before your hair colour appointment. 

Aveda Hair Colour Near Me
Scandinavian Hairline Trend At Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon In Peterborough
Nordic inspired highlights near me

Aveda Hair Colour

Rich, radiant, fade-resistant shades are all achievable with Aveda Hair Colour. We love Aveda hair colour as it is cruelty free, vegan friendly & 95% naturally derived. Better still, it is formulated without synthetic glycols, phthalates, BHT, kathon, nitro dyes or parabens, hair is left conditioned with a radiant shine. The experienced Aveda colour technicians at Melanie Richard's hair salon in Peterborough can create create one of a kind, customised colours to suit you perfectly. 

Why not book in for a complimentary colour consultation to see and feel the Aveda difference?

It is important to note that Scandi hairline colour is not a technique to try at home! If you have had a DIY colour disaster, do not despair. Our clients tell us we are their number one Peterborough salon for colour correction services and will endeavour to get your hair back to beautiful again. 

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