Hair Colour Correction

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Hair Colour Correction Expert Salon in Peterborough – Melanie Richard’s Hair Boutique

Have you had a hair colour disaster? Don’t panic! Your home hair dyeing session may have gone horribly wrong (or you may have just simply changed your mind after colouring your hair!) – the team of expert technicians at our hair salon in Peterborough are here to help and correct any hair colour problems you may have.

There are many reasons for hair colour correction, but our friendly stylists have seen them all before.  Book in for your hair colour correction consultation today and let the experts put it right.


Fixing Hair Colour Disasters

The hair colour you bought looked perfect on the box, but it has turned out a totally different shade on you. It just isn’t the colour you were expecting…or it’s too bright for your skin tone? Book in with one of our hair colour experts who will advise you on the best course of action to recreate a gorgeous hair colour and bring your hair back to its beautiful condition and glorious shine.

Hair Colour has turned out too dark or too light? Correcting Hair Shade Problems…

If you have dark bands of colour where your tint has been over applied or your highlights have turned out too brassy or yellow, don’t panic, we can easily fix this for you. Don’t try fixing your hair colour problem at home, correcting hair colour is best left to the experts.

Whatever your hair colour problem we will correct your colour back to how it should have been giving you the result you originally wanted, giving you beautiful hair colour results. For more on hair colour services in Peterborough take a look at our hair colour page.

Hair Colour Correction Appointment at Melanie Richard’s Hair Salon in Peterborough

Book in for your hair colour correction with one of our friendly team by giving us a call on 01733 553 600, and we will create your dream hair colour.