Aveda Skincare

Aveda home skin care products Melanie Richards Peterborough Salon

Experience Total Radiance With Aveda Skincare 

Are you in search of a holistic skincare brand that uses powerful natural ingredients to deliver powerful, transformative results? At Melanie Richard's Hair & Beauty Salon we're big believers in optimising skin health.  That’s why we're thrilled to offer Aveda skincare products, conveniently available for purchase at our salon in Peterborough. We pride ourselves on our close relationship with Aveda. Our partnership reflects our commitment to providing unparalleled quality and sustainability in every aspect of our salon experience. Their commitment to using high-quality ethically sourced ingredients sets Aveda apart from other brands making it a top choice for those who prioritise wellness and sustainability

Formulated with naturally derived ingredients, Aveda skincare products nurture skin from within. If you are ready to achieve that luminous, healthy glow then Aveda’s dynamic skincare range is a must!

Moreover, this 100% vegan and cruelty-free brand’s values align with our own. Impressively, they've achieved brilliant green credentials thanks to environmentally and socially responsible practices. If you’re seeking a sustainable, environmentally-friendly range that delivers nourishing and healing results for your skin, Aveda is the brand for you!

 To explore Aveda skincare, give us a call at 01733 553600 or book an appointment online with our experienced skincare consultants. We'll provide expert advice on the best at-home treatment plan for your unique needs.

Aveda Skincare Melanie Richards Hair Salon Peterborough
Aveda cruelty free and vegan skin care Peterborough Salons
Aveda home skin care products Melanie Richards Peterborough Salon

Aveda Spa Treatments

Aveda treatments are designed to aid recovery from stress, low energy and signs of premature ageing through the powerful combination of aroma, breath and touch, leaving you with a profoundly increased sense of wellbeing.


 Your Aveda facial starts with a thorough consultation while enjoying a hot towel relaxing foot cleanse to calm the nervous system to achieve total relaxation. Our therapist will provide a customised, personal experience that combines high performance vegan skin products, personalised aroma blends & holistic application techniques.

30 mins |£45 -£49

55 mins |£69 - £73 


Feeling stressed, muscle tension & lacking in energy? Beginning your relaxation with a hot towel foot ritual to calm the nervous system while enjoying an aroma sensory journey to feel calmed, relaxed or uplifted and energised. Our therapist will provide a customised massage technique, which you can include Swedish / relaxation, deep tissue & foot reflexology massage.

40 mins |£45 - £49

55 mins |£60 - £65

 85 mins |£90 - £95 


Our non invasive, no down time rejuvenating plant peel, uses naturally derived glycolic, to help retextures skin, smooth fine lines improve dryness & dehydration to restore radiant healthy skin. In addition our plant peel is safe for the most sensitive & acne prone skin as it doesn’t cause redness & irritation on your skin.

55 mins |£75 - £79

85 mins |£110 - £115

Exploring Our Aveda Skincare Range

Aveda's skincare range is crafted with potent natural botanicals and scientifically formulated ingredients. These provide nourishment, healing, and rejuvenation to your skincare routine. Happily, the range is vast, targeting just about every skincare concern. From the lightweight, fast-absorbing instant hydration serum that instantly improves moisture levels and restores the lipid barrier to the Tulasara bright concentrate that reduces the appearance of discolouration and restores skin radiance, Aveda products offer visible results.

The Aveda range includes cleansers, toning mists, moisturising creams, hydrating masks, exfoliators, aftershave lotions, moisturising lip balms, and more.

Powerful ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, liquorice root, plant-derived alpha hydroxy acids, and mango butter replenish skin from the inside out. Brilliantly, this optimises skin health and addresses a range of concerns from signs of early ageing to blemishes and fine lines.

Environmental Sustainability

Aveda use 100% renewable electricity fueled by their 3.6 acre, 1.52MW onsite solar array, Aveda also use 100% wind power energy and their primary manufacturing facility have also achieved Zero Industrial Waste to Landfill status. Aveda's commitment to cruelty-free practices further shows their dedication to ethical and responsible practices, whilst maintaining high quality products.

If you’re ready for luminous, glowing, youthful-looking skin, the Aveda skincare range is available at our salon. We’re always here to discuss your unique skin care needs and recommend a bespoke, tailored at-home routine that targets your main concerns.

To learn more about this range, book an appointment with our dedicated team by calling 01733 553600 or book online.