5 Ways to Have A Spa Day At Home

Make Your Isolation Beauty Resolutions With The Experts At Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon In Peterborough

Fancy a spot of pampering whilst on lockdown? Our team of experts may not currently be able to carry out the range of quality massage treatments & facials you are used to, however, they are available to bring you some top tips to help you practice self-care and enjoy some “me time”. Follow our 5 easy ways to enjoy a spa day at home

home spa treatments melanie richard's hair and beauty salon in peterborough

#1 – Enjoy a Facial

Stress can take its toll on your skin so make sure you set aside a little time to follow a daily skin care regime. This will help to remove impurities from the skin and keep it looking healthy & glowing.   

Check out social media for lots of ideas for creating face masks at home using the contents of your fridge and store cupboard including using tea bags to reduce redness and puffy eyes. We offer a range of different facials at our Peterborough beauty salon designed to address all your skin concerns.  Find out more here.

#2 Soothe Your Senses

The benefits of massage are well known for improving your health and sense of wellbeing. If your body is feeling tired and neglected, give yourself a revitalising scalp or foot massage to relieve inner tension and stress.

Try running your shower on hot prior to your massage – steam helps to deep cleanse and exfoliate the skin by opening the pores and lifting impurities – bliss!

#3 Enjoy The Sun

Sunshine has many health benefits including stress reduction, increasing your levels of vitamin D and increased serotonin production (the body’s natural mood booster!) so try and get outside if you can to soak up the sun.

Make sure that you are sun safe with an SPF 50 sunscreen and do not stay outside too long to avoid burning, which can be dangerous.

#4 Give Yourself a Manicure

Enjoy a relaxing manicure which will revitalise your hands and nourish and protect the nails and cuticles. It’s amazing how groomed nails can boost the way you look and feel. Brighten up your day by enjoying a relaxing hand soak before applying your favourite shade. We LOVE Easter colours of yellows and pastel shades. 

#5 Deep Condition Your Locks

Your spa day wouldn’t be complete without a relaxing hair & scalp ritual. Rummage through your bathroom cabinet for conditioners, masques and deep cleansing treatments to keep your locks silky soft & healthy. 

Whatever you do, please do NOT cut your own hair (your hair is likely to grow about half an inch a month) and do NOT colour your hair at home. The results are likely to be fairly disastrous – and we cannot pop round to sort it out for you.

Our new Peterborough beauty salon, offers relaxing massages, anti-ageing treatments, fillers, profhilo injections, lash and brow services, Elemis facials and massage, LED treatments, and more!