Taped Hair Extensions

Quick & Easy Taped Hair Extensions at Peterborough's Top Hair Salon, Melanie Richard's

tape extensions at melanie richards hair and beauty salon in peterboroughFuller, thicker hair can now be yours with Great Lengths high-quality Tape in human hair extensions available in our Peterborough salon. By adding hair extensions men and women with fine or thin hair can add volume and length to their style. 

Great Lengths’ tape in extensions are available at Melanie Richard's Hair & Beauty Salon in Peterborough. They have been gently hand processed to create over 58 different shades to match your real hair… so no-one will be able to tell the difference!

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GL Slim Line Extensions In As Little As An Hour 

Great Lengths has extended its range by going ultra slim! Whether you have concerns for thinning or fine hair, wish to add a pop of colour to brighten up your look or want to add length for an up and coming event - slim line tapes offer the perfect solution. Allowing for an instant, affordable makeover without the commitment, slim line tapes are discreet and comfortable and super quick & easy to apply. 

The new tape extensions from Great Lengths are only 0.55mm in thickness making precise placement easy, meaning your skilled Melanie Richard's hair extension expert can place them exactly where you want. Better still, they have an updated adhesive strip giving an extra firm grip but still comfortable to wear. 

The good news doesn't end there! This new range can be fitted in as little as an hour - allowing you to transform your look in your lunch break!

Taped Fashion Strands

Inspired by the natural beauty of the earth and its elements, Great Length's new fashion strands collection opens up a world of creativity and lets you have fun with your look. There are 12 stunning and vibrant colours to choose from available in lengths 12’’, 16’’ and 20’’ Pre-Bonded, Pre-Bonded Mini and Tapes.

The colours can be blended together to create a range of looks. Mix a fashionable grey tone with a pretty pink - the possibilities are endless!

Express Hair Extensions 

In a hurry? Don't worry the hair extension experts at Melanie Richard's hairdressing salon, Peterborough can add a full head of extensions in around an hour. Tape in hair extensions is a great way to have fun with your hairstyle and try a less permanent form of hair extensions.

Get Longer Hair With Great Length Tape Extensions 

GL Tapes are suitable for all hair densities and are a fantastic way to transform your hair and add instant length, volume and colour. At Melanie Richard's hair salon in Peterborough, we use medical-grade, hypo-allergenic and non-toxic tape to gently hold your extensions in place -  they are virtually undetectable and 100% comfortable!

Add Colour To Your Hair With Great Lengths Hair Extensions

Our human hair extensions are available in multiple colours and come in a number of different lengths. Your hair extensions can either be blended to perfectly match your natural shade (or coloured) hair or if you are feeling adventurous you can opt to add in bold fashion colours or even have hair extensions to look like balayage and ombré.

FAQ’s For Tape Hair Extensions at Melanie Richard’s Hair Salon, Peterborough

How Ethical Are Great Lengths Hair Extensions


Every single strand of hair supplied by Great Lengths is ethically sourced from India, and revenue from the purchase of the hair is put back into the community where the hair originated.

How Are Great Lengths Hair Extensions Sourced?


Great Lengths 100% human hair is sourced in India, during Hindu rituals. Women's and men’s hair is voluntarily sacrificed and donated to temples by complete shaving of the head, a process known as tonsuring.

Great Lengths are committed to ensuring that all of the hair we use is sourced ethically and willingly and that a fair price is paid. Payment for the hair is then used to support the local community by developing temples and medical services, and supporting charitable causes.

How Long Will It Take For My GL Tape Hair Extension Service?


The hair you’ve always wanted can be yours in as little as an hour and last up to an incredible 8 weeks. The pre-bonded tape extensions allow for a speedier application.

Can My Great Lengths Tape In Extensions Be Used Again?


Yes. The Great Lengths hair extension specialists in Peterborough at Melanie Richard’s, can re-apply your tape in extensions up to three times.

They allow for easy removal and reapplication. When they are ready to be removed your experienced stylist at Melanie Richard’s will gently take them out ensuring no damage to your natural hair.

Is Melanie Richard’s The Best Hair Salon in Peterborough for Great Lengths Tape In Extensions?


Our clients agree that we are the best hair salon in Peterborough for Great Lengths Hair Extensions. In fact, Melanie Richard’s is the only Great Lengths Specialist Hair Salon within a 40-mile radius of Peterborough!