Meet Honor…

Honor is a Creative Director and she can not wait to get creative with your hair! She is also a certified Great Lengths Extensions Specialist.

What’s your go to product?

My go to product would have to be the Great Lengths range! But my most favourite product in the world is the Aveda Overnight Repair serum in Nutriplenish, it makes everybody’s hair feel lush!

Favourite celebrity hair?

Jennifer Lopez – her hair always looks sexy either short or long.

Who or what inspires your sense of style?

Grace Beverly, her fashion and brands are dreamy!

Three words to describe you?

Positive, enthusiastic, creative.

What are your favourite things in hairdressing?

Blondes & Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

Hair Artisan Winner

We are delighted & incredibly proud that the fabulous Honor won the title of Hair Artisan Of The Month for her incredible hair extension transformation. Read more here.