Foods for Healthy Hair #EGGS

seedsAfter all you are what you eat…January for many of us, sees drastic changes to our diet and lifestyle in a bid to get ‘Summer Ready’ but what effects can food have on our hair?  For most of us taking care of our hair consists of frequent shampooing and regularly hair cuts etc. But healthy hair starts with a well balanced diet! 

So throughout January we will give you a guide on the best foods to ensure healthy hair, start feeding your follicles at breakfast, lunch and dinner…


eggsThey deliver multiple nutrients to maintain healthy hair. As a excellent source of protein and amino acids (the hairs building blocks) hair is made of keratin (a type of protein) and it is essential to eat adequate amounts in your diet (between 3 & 5 per week) for hair growth & strength. 

Diets low in protein can contribute to weak and brittle hair, not only that we naturally loose upto 150 stands (naturally, don’t panic) per day, if you lack protein it can slow the rate at which your strands grow back! Resulting in thinner looking hair. 

Thanks for reading

Mel xx