How To Maintain Your Beauty Regime

Stay Looking & Feeling Beautiful | Top Tips From Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon

Although a relaxing beauty treatment may not be high up on your agenda at the minute, now is a precious window of time for us to rest and spend a little bit of time pampering ourselves. Whilst DIY beauty tips will not provide the professional salon quality results, it is possible to create customised treatments in the comfort of your own home.

The expert beauty therapists at Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Peterborough, have compiled a list of ways to keep you looking and feeling pampered until your next appointment…

Wash, Tone & Moisturise Your Skin

melanie richards hair and beauty salon in peterboroughIf you want healthy, glowing skin during lockdown, then it’s important to keep your skin fully hydrated and follow a good skin care regime. 

Washing your face thoroughly helps to remove impurities and a build up of dirt and make up from the skin. A gentle scrub will help dissolve deeper dirt and remove oil and dead skin cells, giving you a much more thorough cleanse.

Moisturising the skin daily is a great way to help keep skin firm and supple and are a great way to help combat the signs of ageing, redness or dry skin. Ensure you invest a little time massaging the product into your skin, this is not only relaxing but will help with lymphatic drainage which can de-puff your face and improve circulation. 

Recharge dull, tired and stressed skin with a facial. Facials are a fantastic way to leave your skin feeling refreshed and hydrated. If you suffer from spots then try a gentle exfoliation scrub using the contents of your fridge. Check out social media for lots of ideas for creating face masks at home.

Do It Yourself – Simple Manicures & Pedicures At Home

top hair and beauty tips during lockdown from melanie richards hair and beauty salon in peterboroughEnjoy a relaxing manicure which will revitalise your hands and nourish and protect the nails and cuticles in the comfort of your own home. And don’t forget your toes either! Get your feet looking beautiful with a luxurious pedicure.

A manicure and pedicure is also a great way to relax – which could be just what you need in during lockdown. Follow these simple steps :

  • Cleanse your hands and nails thoroughly
  • Soak nails in warm, soapy water
  • Push cuticles back gently
  • Shape your nails and buff the edges to avoid snagging
  • Buff tops of the nails gently to smooth ridges and provide an even surface
  • Choose your colour, ensuring that you use a base and top coat to protect your polish
  • Moisturise

Drink Plenty of Water for Clearer Skin

top hair and beauty tips during lockdown from melanie richards hair and beauty salon in peterboroughDrinking plenty of water helps maintain the balance of body fluids, keeping your body hydrated, which is essential for maintaining clear and glowing skin. It is also essential for good health and nourishment with a recommendation of 2 litres of water per day (8 to 10 glasses) by health authorities.

The same can be said of getting enough sleep, between 6-8 hours of sleep each night will help you to look and feel more bright and refreshed. 

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