Booking Fee

Booking Fee at Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon in Peterborough

Due to the current pandemic situation, we have had no option but to remain closed for the past few months and now have a very long waiting list of clients who wish to make appointments. To make sure we can support all of our customers we have decided to introduce a booking fee.   

How Does It Work?   

When you book your appointment, we will take a booking fee of 25% of the total bill over the phone, with a minimum of £5 booking fee for any appointment under £20. 

The booking fee will secure your appointment and will, of course, be deducted when you come to pay for your service or treatment. 

If you then want to book your next appointment, at this point, a deposit will be taken for that next appointment. 

Booking Fees Are Not Refundable  

Your booking fee will not be refunded should you choose to cancel or move your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice. 


  • We need to receive at least 48 hours notice over the telephone (sorry not by email, Facebook, Instagram etc as we can not constantly monitor)  
  • The exceptions to this are should you be told by NHS to self-isolate, then we will move your deposit to your next appointment. 
  • If moving or cancelling an appointment with more than 48 hours notice your deposit will be held for your next appointment. 
  • For hair extensions, the normal booking fee will still be 50% and appointments can only be moved with at least 48 hours notice, any less than 48 hours notice will result in your booking fee being lost whatever the reason.  
  • We look forward to your continued business and support in what are challenging times for small businesses. We want to ensure we offer you the best possible service and that in doing so we make sure our salon is still open for you this time next year. 


We know it’s been a long time now and you’re desperate for your hair to be done and we really appreciate and thank you for your continued support and patience. All independent business are having a terrible time and we are no exception. Having to remain closed for over 3 months has been devastating for us emotionally and financially. 

With that in mind, we have made a decision, as a business, not to put our prices up so there will be no permanent price increase.