Wella Professionals Couture Colour

Wella Professionals Couture Hair Colour at Melanie Richard’s Hair & Beauty Salon, Peterborough


At Melanie Richards Hair Boutique, we believe that your hair colour should be a reflection of who you are. Inspired by the high end, bespoke nature of couture fashion, our ‘Couture Colour’ range provides clients with truly unique, outstanding hair colour.

Each couture colour service includes an in-depth consultation and the use of our most superior hair colour products to achieve exquisite, personalised results. Experience the most premium, luxury colour service by asking your Melanie Richard’s stylist today.

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The ‘Couture Colour’ range allows us to customise and specifically tailor a selection of permanent and semi-permanent treatments to suit your unique look and style. Some examples of Colour Couture are;

Wella ILLUMINA Hair Colour

For personalised, luxurious hair colour that illuminates natural beauty,  we highly recommend ‘ILLUMINA’ hair colour. lLLUMINA’s patented microlight technology maintains clarity of colour and allows light to pass through the hair cuticle, illuminating natural highs and lows from within.

It works with any hair colour and allows us to create an endless amount of shades. Dull, one-dimensional hair colour transforms into a shiny, glossy head of hair that is full of light and vibrancy. This sheer hair colour is luminous in every single kind of light.

On a blonde shade, you can expect up to 70% more light reflection for example. Worried about grey hairs? This effective but gentle formula covers grey hair 100%!

Wella MAGMA Hair Colour

Wella Magma is a permanent hair colour system that lightens hair by up to six shade levels whilst colouring it at the same time. Used in the same way that you might use a bleach treatment, it allows you to create and shape your own style because it is suitable for so many different highlighting techniques.

It comes in a range of 11 shades with everything from cool blonde through to natural copper, brunette to intensely vital red.

Wella FREELIGHTS Hair Colour

Bid a fond farewell to foils, saran or cotton with this creative technique! Wella FREELIGHTS allows us to create bespoke, natural-looking highlights without the traditional use of foils. Wella FREELIGHTS are perfect for sun-kissed highlights and on-trend techniques like ombre and balayage.

Wella INSTAMATIC Hair Colour

INSTAMATIC by Color Touch has been inspired by the filtered images of Instagram. This bang-on-trend hair colour allows us to create muted tones and offer a matte gloss service to give you a cool and unique look for your hair.

You can choose between a collection of six stunning shades which fade beautifully over time (lasting for between eight and ten washes) giving you a flash of colour you crave. INSTAMATIC is proving particularly popular with teenagers and younger men and women who love fashion hair colours and gorgeous pastel colours.

Another fantastic feature of INSTAMATIC is that it takes just 20 minutes, creating a brand new look quickly and easily.


Koleston Perfect INNOSENSE is a ground-breaking innovation in hair colour that creates beautiful, harmonious looks in a variety of shades. This vibrant permanent hair colour is specially formulated to reduce the risk of developing any nasty allergies.

No matter what hair colour shade you opt for; beautiful blonde tones, vibrant copper hues or rich, chocolate browns – you can discover the perfect hair colour for you with our comprehensive range of 22 inter-mixable shades.

Hair Colour Trends

At Melanie Richard’s Hair Boutique, our team of highly trained hair colour technicians like to stay up-to-date on all the latest hair colour trends, including the following;


‘Balayage’ is a French word meaning ‘to sweep’ or ‘to paint’. It allows for a sun-kissed natural-looking hair colour (similar to what nature gives us as children) with softer, less noticeable regrowth lines. Less is more when it comes to this technique; the finished result is soft and natural-looking rather than the uniform highlights that foils can sometimes give.

‘Root Stretch’

The root stretch technique uses a darker base colour on the roots to create the much sought after ‘rooty look’ – and blends out to a softer colour. Adds depth and tone to the overall colour of your hair for a natural look.


No hair colour trend has lasted as long, or had the same impact, like the ombre or ‘dip dye’ hair colour. This long-lasting, here-to-stay popular hair colour technique can be seen on catwalks, hair shows and celebrities alike. This cool, edgy ombre dip dye look is a fantastic way of adding depth to your hair colour. We generally achieve the ombre effect by highlighting lower sections of hair.

‘Deluxe Ombre’

Our ‘deluxe ombre’ hair colour service incorporates both ‘ombre’ and ‘root stretch’ techniques – lightening the mid-lengths to ends and darkening your roots.

‘Shadow Lights’

Shadow Lights is hair colour technique that uses a permanent base colour with 12 foils to create a dynamic, multi-tonal effect.


Same as above but using semi-permanent hair colour instead.

Please Note: A skin test is required 48 hours prior to having a colour application.