Tilly’s Top Tips & Advice on The Importance of Having Hair Treatments

Bespoke Hair Treatments at Melanie Richard’s Hair Salon in Peterborough

For beautiful healthy-looking hair that is full of shine and life it is essential that you have regular hair treatments. Read on to find out more top tips & advice on the hair treatments available at Melanie Richard’s hair salon in Peterborough.

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#1. Hair Treatments are important as they help to penetrate and treat the hair from within to keep it strong, healthy and shiny.

#2. There are hair treatments to suit everyone no matter what the texture, quality or length of your hair is. We even have conditioning treatments that can be applied at the same time as your hair colour.

#3. Hair Treatments are vital to weak or damaged hair. They help to add protein and moisture to hydrate the hair and give it a new lease of life.

#4. I recommend using a hair treatment once a week. If you use them too often the hair may become immune and the benefits will lessen.

# 5. Hair Treatments with pigment are great at helping bring dull, faded hair colours back to life. They will refresh and intensifie your hair colour quickly and help to gibe incredible shine.

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