The Perm is Back!

Get The Curly Look at Melanie Richard’s Hair Boutique Salon Peterborough

Remember the perm? Well it’s back! Whether you call it a perm, a permanent wave, body wave or creative shaping, perms are back in fashion!

At Melanie Richard’s hairdressers in Peterborough we specialise in the latest perming techniques and will create the perfect curly look for you.

Perming your hair – all you need to know…

Leave it to the professionals! Thinking of having your hair permed? It’s vital that you visit a professional hair stylist when perming your hair. Regular hair cuts, treatments and using products for permed hair are a must if you are too keep your tresses looking tip-top and protect your hair from breakage.

When done incorrectly, you can do some real damage to your hair. However, when done by one of the professional who is skilled in the latest perming techniques at Melanie Richard’s, your hair will look natural – and most importantly remain in good condition.

Which perm is right for me?

perms at melanie Richard's hair salonThere are a number of different perms available in our Peterborough salon to transform flat, fine or lifeless hair. Perms can instantly change your straight hair into beautiful curls giving it movement and a much needed boost.

There are perms to add volume, textured perms and perms to give your hair body and fullness. The size of the perm rod will defines the end result of your curl. A larger curling rod will give a tousled look with smaller ones giving tighter looking curls. Your Melanie Richard’s stylist will suggest the most suitable for you and your hair type.

Protect & strengthen permed hair…

perms at melanie Richard's hair salonWith restorative hair treatments such as Olaplex, you can protect and reinforce your hair, allowing perming services to be carried out on previously lightened or damaged. 

A popular perming question we get asked at Melanie Richard’s is ‘can I have my coloured hair permed?‘ Unlike the perms of the 80’s you can now have coloured hair and still have a perming service.

But if you do find that your colour is in need of a refresh, we offer hair colour correction services – take a look at our hair colour gallery for inspiration. 

I want to book my perming appointment at Melanie Richard’s – what’s next?

If you’re considering perming your hair, visit the perming specialists at our hair salon in Peterborough.

You can book your appointment online using our quick and easy online booking service. Don’t forget, we offer a massive 20% OFF hair services for students!

So if you are looking for the best perming services in Peterborough give us a call on 01733 553600.