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evo hair colour at Melanie Richard’s Hairdressers In Peterborough 

evo at Melanie Richard's Hair & Beauty Salon, Peterborough

Like you, we believe it's important we do all we can to leave our planet in good shape for future generations. That's why Melanie Richard's Hair & Beauty Salon is proud to work closely with evo who strive to put performance, people and the planet first.

We also only use the very best hair products from evo, a company that is synonymous with sustainability. evo products contain natural ingredients where ever possible and combine quality with the utmost respect for the planet and its resources.

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Just some of the reasons we LOVE working with evo...

* The range is free from sulfates, parabens, dea, tea, propylene glycol and gluten... to make your day a little safer

* They don’t add hyped-up ingredients or gimmicks just for label claims… our products do what they say

* They don’t test on our furry friends (humans only) and have the cruelty-free peta accreditation to prove it

* All of their products are vegan, except 4*. They haven’t found formulas that perform to their high standards… until they do, these products will remain as they are

*Crop strutters, cassius, box o’ bollox and shebang-a-bang contain animal bi-products

* They are always looking for ways to do better when it comes to plastic which is they incorporate green pe and post-consumer recycled plastic into products

* They use FSC® (forest stewardship council® FSC-C120918) certified recyclable paper for printed materials and hardwood for brushes

* They offset operational greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing credited carbon credits that help to fund revegetation projects. Utilise solar at an operational and manufacturing level to further help reduce their carbon footprint

* Support those affected by hardship by donating obsolete stock to homeless shelters

* Evo partner with organisations like green circle salons so that together we can help create a more sustainable professional haircare industry


We hope and trust you will be happy to support us in our environmentally-friendly endeavours. To book your next hair & beauty appointment at Melanie Richard's, please call our friendly recption team on 01733 553600 or book online